Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (富春山居图) is a generative digital art installation that created by artists Caoyuxi studio as part of his QRC (Quick Response Code) project, which is using the halftone pattern machine learning technique to transform visually random QR code pattern into human readable image but still keep the original scanning function of QR code.

《富春山居图》是曹雨西艺术工作室所创作的数字生成艺术装置。此作品是艺术家QRC (Quick Response Code 快速响应代码)项目的一部分。应用基于半调图案的机器学习技术,作品将视觉上抽象的二维码(QR code)图案转化为人们可阅读的具象图形。与此同时,二维码的扫描功能仍被保留。

With the global technology evolution of image recognition and mobile device, QR Code has been widely spread and has become as visual symbol for the current cybernetic economy and social context. Especially in the rising economy zone like China and other Asia countries, QR code let you hyperlink and bookmark the physical world, it enables everything from paying or collecting payment, adding a friend’s contact, subscribing to news to renting a bike, a car or take the bus or subway.



QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode). The QRC (Quick Response Code) is a digital contemporary art project started by Cao Yuxi Studio in 2019. The core concept of the project is based on a typical phenomenon of the digital era: traditional totem icons are represented by and interpreted into the image style of QR code. The digital totem, coping with the development and communication of the this new digital age, is thus born.

二维码又称二维条码,常见的二维码为QR Code,QR全称Quick Response。二维条码/二维码(2-dimensional bar code)是用某种特定的几何图形按一定规律在平面(二维方向上)分布的黑白相间的图形记录数据符号信息的。QRC (快速反应代码)曹雨西工作室2019年发起的当代艺术项目。整个项目的核心概念基于数字时代一个典型现象:传统图腾形象被转译为各种适应于当代信息传播的快速反应代码形象,从而形成了新时代的数字图腾。


The original painting is a long hand-scroll painting done by Huang Gongwang between the year of 1348 and 1350, it depicts landscape in the area around the Fuchun River where he was traveling and residing. Fuchun river is located in Zhejiang, China, which is famous for its history of dynamic trading and economy culture. In modern China, the painting was referred as a culture symbol for flourishing economic accomplishments.


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